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dark_will: Where We Go From Here

Ripper nodded when Fred told him she was all right - the soreness was inevitable given what they had just done and her preveious experience. "It will," he told her before leaning down and kissing her.

Realizing that he needed to get rid of the condom, he reluctantly pulled himself out of her and pulled it off. He then reached over for some tissue from the box next to the bed, using it to wipe himself off.

As he did, she asked what they would do next, obviously uncertain and worried, and he found himself wanting to gather her into his arms and hold her tight. He wondered how the boy she had been with that one time had treated her. Or was she uncertain because of who he was? The way she was looking away, he realized that had to be it. She wasn't sure what he expected of her.

"Fred," he said, thowing the tissue away in the bin next to the bed and crooking his finger under her chin, making sure she continued to look at him. "I already told you that you could stay until this was sorted. And now..." Slowly, he ran his hand down her neck over her chest to the mark he had made on her. "I'm not going to kick my girl out of my bed. I want you to stay."

Nudging her gently to lie on her side, he wrapped his arms around her, his hand gently cupping her breasts, one thumb rubbing idly over a nipple. He didn't know if she would want to stay once they got this problem with the police and university storted, but he rather hoped she did. He couldn't explain why he felt this way - perhaps because he had been alone so long, hiding behind a name that wasn't his, bestowed on him by a man he could barely stand anymore.

"Rupert," he suddenly said softly. "My name. It's Rupert Giles, but I haven't used it in twenty years. You're the first one I've told it to in that long. And I meant what I said. I'd very much like you to stay. Whatever we do next."



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