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cold_affection: Vampire Rules

Leaving Fred to take care of moving the bodies and the bags to the back of the hotel, Giles went out to his car and drove it to the alley around back. Fred had just brought the first body out, so he opened the boot and picked it up, dumping it in rather unceremoniously, grinning when he saw that his car had enough room in the back. The second body soon joined the first, and he shut the boot while Fred returned with the bags, which she put on the backseat.

"Marvelous idea, love," he told her when she said she had picked up a few books. He was sure that they would come in handy. Perhaps during their training, he could teach Fred a few spells as well that might come in handy in dealing with Slayers and others.

He had been about to draw her into his arms when they both noticed the vampire. He knew that both of them were rather new vampires, as was apparently this one, but both of them knew far more than he was sure this newbie could ever hope to learn.

"They really are scraping the barrel these days, aren't they?" he responded to Fred.

Just then the vampire went after Fred, managing only by luck to get a hold on her. The stupid newbie actually thought that he was attacking humans. Taking advantage of the surprise that crossed his face when Fred changed into her vamp face, Giles changed into face as well and grabbed the young vampire, whirling him around to slam him against the wall of the hotel.

"I see that your Sire hasn't taught you the etiquette of dealing with other vampires. So here's rule number one - you don't touch my Sire. Rule number two - you don't touch my girl. You just broke both." He knocked him against the bricks as the vampire tried to stammer an apology. "I'm afraid it's a bit too late, and you won't be learning any of the other rules."

He glanced over his shoulder. "Fred, my love, since he dared to touch you, do you want to dust him? Or would you like me to?"


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